May 30

Thorshov family in San Sebastian (Part I)

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It was a  great pleasure hosting Daisy, Scott, Grant and Ashley Thorshov at our THE TERRACE emyrEnt holiday rental apartment. Thorshov family is enjoying a year full of adventures. We would like to share with you their stay in San Sebastian. Here is the first part of their adventure!

We spent two weeks in beautiful, charming San Sebastian and it wasn’t long enough. We loved our apartment, not a block from the sea, and our sweet and helpful apartment manager, Ane. We hiked a lot and also spent time enjoying the city, food and a few other things. Ashley took a surfing lesson and spent as many minutes as she could physically endure swimming in the freezing cold Bay of Biscay. Grant improved his Spanish with hours of lessons from Begoña at the Lacunza Spanish School. Ane found the school for us and I would highly recommend all of them (Ane, Begoña , and Lacunza). The Spanish School offers all kinds of classes and even combo classes like “Cooking and Spanish” or “Surfing and Spanish.” Grant needed a tutor and Begoña was so sweet and whether or not she was actually interested in the video games Grant likes, she had him enthusiastically talking about them in Spanish by the time we left town.













(This was our living room)

Oh, and he had also told her all about the Spanish Soap Opera or “Novella” that Scott and I are watching on Netflix. We started watching it because we wanted to watch a movie one night, but I can’t usually stay awake through movies so we looked for something shorter and found this show about a Mexican woman who is all mixed up in drug dealing in Mexico and she flees her country for safety in Spain. It was in Spanish with subtitles and as corny as it was to begin with, we now actually look forward to finding out what Theresa Mendoza is up to on occasion, and have even learned a few things like Spain has cities on the continent of Africa. Yep, bet you didn’t know that, the port cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and we learned that from watching a Soap.

This is the rooftop view from our patio on the 6th floor. There was an elevator but we went up and down the stairs for the exercise the majority of the time.




vista terraceScott took this photo from our patio of me bundled up and jogging in place on the beach and Ashley playing in the water. I gave her a thirty minute time limit so I wouldn’t freeze and was surprised when she emerged with five minutes to spare. She told me that she couldn’t feel her toes and that was a bit worrisome for her.

(… to be continued)

May 19

World Puppet Festival in San Sebastian and Tolosa

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Puppets and marionettes from around the world come together in San Sebastian
Between May 28 and June 5, thanks to the collaboration between DSS2016EU and TOPIC Tolosa, World Puppet Festival will show some of the best puppet shows in the world.


Are you visiting us during in the coming weeks? From emyrEnt we like offering different activities while your stay at our holiday rental apartments.



After passing through Australia and China, the World Puppet Festival will land in San Sebastian for its four-yearly date with the best in puppet theatre. More than twenty internationally renowned companies will offer up their performances during a unique event that will reveal the most significant traditional and avant-garde pieces of this fascinating form of performing art.

More than 30 companies from around the world will show their works in the main theaters, Victoria Eugenia, Gazteszena, TOPIC, the Garbera mall and in the streets of San Sebastian and Tolosa.

Tickets for theater shows can be purchased at the usual outlets Donostia Kultura

The performances will be in a range of formats and are meant for audiences of all ages, from children and young people to adults. The World Puppet Festival will also include the International Marionette Union (UNIMA) World Congress and the exhibition Masters of the 20th century at the Okendo Cultural Centre, where marionette theatre researchers, creators, and experts from more than 90 countries around the world will meet. The festival’s launch and closing ceremonies will include large-scale outdoor performances, turning the city into the world puppet capital.


The inauguration will be held on May 28 in the breakwater of the beach Zurriola, where the company Tol Theatre, thanks to a large crane, will blow large puppets, actors, singers and bicycles. This spectacular start will be followed by nine days of festival (including two weekends).

Enjoy it!


May 02

Flysch & Karst experience on the Basque Coast

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Some of our guests staying at emyrEnt apartments are real fans of nature.
Amazing landscapes and cliffs of international geological reference are the main feature of the eight coastal kilometres between Deba and Zumaia, declared a Protected Biotope. It is worth a visit to discover its endless charms through a complete calendar of guided tours by land and sea between Deba and Mutriku, which includes kayaking and cetacean watching.


What is the flysch?

The flysch
 is a curious formation that shows million years of geological history written on successive rocky strata, which were revealed by the continuous action of the sea. The flysch between Deba and Zumaia, besides showing a singular landscape, also offers information on biological, geological, and even climatic changes that have taken place in the last 50 million years. It is a real “Tectonic Library”

Therefore, geologists from all over the world visit this place and it was declared a Protected Biotope by the Basque Government in 2009. This area covers a land and sea surface of 4,300 hectares and is the fourth biotope in the Basque Autonomous Community.

The Tourist Information Centres of Deba, Zumaia, and Mutriku organise guided tours which include activities from a boat trip allowing visitors to discover the singular geological elements of this coast to a trekking tour through its amazing cliffs.flish

Another of the possible routes is the so-called “geotour” on which a specialised guide accompanies the group on a two-hour route to discover the fascinating world of sea life.

After making a voyage through the Earth’s history, the visitor can lose him-/herself in the green inland valleys where more recent time seems to have stopped for ever. Here it is possible to enjoy the roots of one of Europe’s oldest peoples and visit the best set of cave art horses on the planet found at the Ekain cave, which has been declared a World Heritage site.


The Basque Coast Geopark is a lesson that leaves no one indifferent. Here time, the earth, life and our own species are the main players. Discover it!

Apr 24

We have one more year enjoyed the San Sebastian’s Human Rights’ Film Festival (15-22 april 2016). Overnighting at our emyrEnt apartments, located in the city center, gives you the option of attending the festival and enjoying all the activities going on in San Sebastian. All these events are walking distance!


The San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival and San Sebastian 2016 have joined forces to increase the festival’s international profile, strengthening networks and close relationships with other social and cultural agents around the world.

For the first time ever, the 2016 event include an International Meeting with around 30 young people from different countries and an extraordinary Forum which features the participation of a dozen representatives from the European Human Rights Film Network, which brings together the most prestigious human rights festivals in the world and counts San Sebastian among its members.


anuncio festival

These meetings address issues such as the perspective of young people and challenges for the promotion and respect of human rights, the social impact of human rights cinema, the creation of new audiences and accessibility. The Festival takes new steps towards guaranteeing public access to cultural life, with special attention given to communities that are excluded from these types of events. Thus, this year, the Festival has included more movies with subtitles for deaf people and discussions with sign language interpreter. Also, for the first time, two films incorporate a system of audio description for people with vision problems.

It is worth highlighting the premiere of the documentary In Dialogue (Xuban Intxausti, 2016), conducted by the embassy Europe 2016 Transit of San Sebastian during his visit to Belfast



Apr 12

Donostia San Sebastián European Capital of Culture 2016

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The European Capital of Culture 2016 represents an enormous opportunity to turn the focus on culture and dialogue as the roads towards improved coexistence. It will also promote stronger ties with the rest of Europe and foster innovation in the cultural sector.

donostia2016 LOGO


Experience San Sebastian 2016. Discover the activities month by month and plan your agenda. A 2016 full of cultural events awaits you. In addition, the events and festivals in San Sebastian that are already consolidated are integrated in our schedule through ‘Conversations’. Go out and move around the city. And don’t forget that the bicycle is our official means of transport.



Is there any Information Point in the City Center?


DSS2016EU has opened an information point in Alderdi Eder. In the coming months  this will be the place to receive information in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French and English) on the cultural project of San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture, as well as the schedule of activities planned for the coming months. It located just 3 minutes walking distance from your emyrEnt apartment!




The pavilion that houses the information point is temporary and has been proposed and built by the group of architects Zuloark (based in Madrid). Once 2016 comes to an end , this construction will be reused. Once dismantled, it will become street furniture, since the structure has been assembled using benches that can be spread through the streets and squares of the city.


Punto de Informacion

Zuloark’s proposal was chosen last June and it is known as: “Donostia 2017-Yesterday you said tomorrow.”





The information point in Andia Street will open daily from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Jun 07

New Victoria Apartment

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We are very happy to show you our new Victoria Apartment.

Living Room

It is located in the elegant and historical San Martin Building (as well as The Terrace, Belle View, Meninas, Belle Epoque, Centre Ville and Grand Central apartments. All of them emyrEnt short term rental apartments).

VICTORIA is a luxury daily rental apartment in the very heart of San Sebastian. Just one street away from the world famous La Concha Beach and a short stroll away from all the tourist attractions. The Old Town, with it’s incredible selection of Tapas (Pintxos in Basque) bars, the port, the beach, the shopping area, the main food market, the Aquarium, the Kursaal Congress Palace, the Cathedral, dozens of pubs, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks… all within walking distance!

Twin Bedroom

It is on the mezzanine with access after 9 comfortable stairs. There is a stair chair lift if needed.

The apartment has wood flooring and the bathroom beautiful design tiles. It is decorated with original paintings that give the apartment a very special touch.It is a pet friendly apartment and smoking is not allowed inside.

Double BedroomVictoria apartment has a bright, spacious open-plan sitting room/kitchen exterior facing and with plenty of natural light. It has two exterior facing bedrooms (one of them has a double bed and the other one is a twin bedroom). There is a handicapped accessible bathroom with a shower.



It is equipped with all the amenities you may be needing: washing machine and dryer, air conditioning,  plasma TV, DVD player, dishwasher, microwave, hair dryer, fridge, freezer, a fully equipped kitchen and, of course, free wifi.



This brand new handicapped adapted apartment has just been refurbished.


Check out our availability and do not hesitate to visit us!

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-07 a la(s) 20.45.08

 City centre. San Martin building
Address:   San Martin 53, – 20007 San Sebastian
GPS location:   43.3156094, -1.9868654

May 24

Day trip to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

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What about a nice day trip to the nature? San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is just about one hour and a half away from your emyrEnt short term rental apartment. On the way to Bilbao.

Victoria Apartment



San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, whose name means “castle rock” in Basque (“gaztelu” = castle + “aitz” = rock), is a definite “must” if you are visiting the Basque Country. It is an awe-inspiring island located just off the shore along the Bay of Biscay. The views to, from, and around the island are simply beautiful.


gaztelugatxeSan Juan de Gaztelugatxe is accessed by a man-made stone bridge. The bridge transitions into a narrow path that contains 241 steps and zigzags its way back and forth to the top. At the highest point of the island there is a tiny church dedicated to John the Baptist. According to legend, after you have completed the climb, you should ring the bell three times and make a wish.

The church on top of the island is by no means the original. Over the centuries the church has burned down and been rebuilt several times. It is believed that the first hermitage that existed here was erected in the 9th century.

The island also has an intriguing history. Throughout the years it has housed a convent, served as a prison for Basque witches during the Spanish Inquisition, been used as a defensive outpost for the lords of Biscay, and was even ransacked by Sir Francis Drake.

pais_vasco_san_juan_gaztelugatxeIt should be noted that sometimes it is not permitted to park directly next to the bridge due to the unstable ground in that area. If that is the case, you will have to park up the hill and expect to walk downhill around a kilometer. Don’t let that deter you though because it is really worth it. We recommend to take it easy and don’t forget a snack and some water. You can always stop at one of the many benches located off the road and take in the views. In addition, at the top of the island, next to the church there is also a small area protected from the wind with tables and benches.

There is also a restaurant/café called Eneperi on the mainland hillside in front of the islet, where you can enjoy a good meal while contemplating the gorgeous views.

The best times of the year to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe are spring and autumn, since it can get quite crowded in the summer months.

 The path to the island is always open. However, the opening times of the church situated at the top of the island are:
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Sundays: 11 am to 3 pm

emyrEnt - S.Juan de Gaztelugatxe

May 15

Relax in San Sebastian

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After a well deserved rest at your emyrEnt short term rental apartment, we propose a plan that unifies relax, gastronomy, aesthetics and even sport. Located in a unique setting, La Concha Beach, and just 300 meters away from your home in San Sebastian (your emyrEnt short term rental apartment): La Perla Thalassotherapy

Edificio La Perla

Already in 1912 the newspapers described La Perla del Oceano as one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. More than 100 years afterwards, this thalassotherapy and sports centre combines the benefits of the ocean with fitness through different programs for the whole family.

More than 4,500 m2 where you will find sports facilities, a spacious spa with sea views, a nice beauty center, a quality restaurant…  where health, well-being and service are priorities.

We suggest you to combine a thalasso fitness circuit with a beauty body treatment; a massage or a relaxing wrap with an appetizing meal at the restaurant. There are so many options! We are sure you will really enjoy all of them.

La Perla

More than one century ago, the queen Maria Cristina established the royal summer house in this city. Sea baths were considered to be a fine pleasure by holidaymakers, a pleasure that combined therapy, relax and wellness.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-14 a la(s) 17.19.49In fact, from your emyrEnt  short term rental apartment in San Martin building, you will easily see local people diving into the Cantabrian sea. Every single day of the year. Definitely, a very healthy tradition. As well as walking along the seashore of the spectacular bay of La Concha.


We will be happy to receive your comments about your experience. Happy relaxing plan!

May 07

San Sebastian with children

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If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of San Sebastian together with your family, here you have some tips and plans to do with your children. All of them very close to our emyrEnt short term rental apartments:



Located in the harbor, undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the Aquarium of San Sebastian lies in its over 31 aquariums dedicated to the Cantabrian-Atlantic Sea and tropical themed aquariums. There are more than 5000 fish and a great oceanario crossed by a tunnel of 360º that leaves no one indifferent. It is quite an experience seeing sharks and rays swimming over our heads!

We will also find a tactile aquarium where kids can touch different marine species.

The Aquarium of San Sebastian, beyond being just an aquarium, houses an exhibition that helps to explain and contextualize the marine and maritime history of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastián.

It is open every day from monday to sunday.



This tour is almost a 2×1. Although it is accessible by car, children will love reaching the park by funicular. Now over a hundred years old, the funicular railway maintains its charming olde worlde feel. It connects the Ondarreta Beach area to Monte Igueldo in only 3 minutes. There is a small public car park at the entrance to the Funicular Railway building. Once in Igueldo you will enjoy the breathtaking views of La Concha Bay. Definitely the best view of the city.


Monte Igueldo amusement park is a different kind of park, of the kind that no longer exist, where the charm of old-fashioned attractions like the Roller Coaster and Trampolines will have everyone in stitches, no matter what their age. This park was inaugurated in 1911, which means it is even older than the funicular!



Discover the most entertaining side of science! Combining learning with having fun can be done at the Eureka! Zientzia Museoa. Added to the permanent exhibition with over 169 models, the Museum also has a Txikiklik zone for kids aged 4 to 9, where they can see where forest animals live and learn about the five senses.

Eureka zientzia museoa

You can make your hair stand on end in the Electricity theatre, or lie on the Fakir’s bed with its 10,000 nails. There is even a a digital Planetarium with a varied programme of activities designed for families and astronomy enthusiasts.


Come and enjoy!

Apr 23

San Sebastian by bike

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Good weather has arrived to San Sebastian. That makes us wish to spend more time outdoors. From your emyrEnt short term rental apartment you can reach almost any corner of the city by bike. So we recommend you to use this healthy and sustainable means of transportation.

San Sebastián en bicicleta

San Sebastian has a network of bidegorris ( “red path” in Basque language –which means bike path) with a length of nearly 30 km. Thanks to it, and since the topography in San Sebastian is almost flat, we can ride our bike all over the city comfortably, safely and enjoying superb views.


bidegorris-donostiaThe city has a total of nearly 600 bicycle parkings. Most of these parkings are placed close to the most emblematic corners in the city, so we can park the bike and enjoy the best of Donostia (beaches, parks, harbor, Kursaal, old town …).


– If you want to rent a bike in San Sebastian, you can do it in different parts of the city.

  • Bike Rent Donostia – Zurriola Avenue, 22 (Gros) – 943.271173 / 639016013/606720982
  • Bikes Alai – Avenida de Madrid, 24 (Amara) – 943 470001/656 701024
  • Sanse bikes – Av Boulevard 25 (Old Part) -. 943 045 229 /
  • Bike Rental Center Aritz B & S – Avenida Zurriola, 30 (Gros) – Tel. 943 322640

– Another option is dBizi, public bicycle system in San Sebastian:

An innovative service designed for users of all ages thanks to its electric assistance that allows you to save any type of orographic barrier and distance. There are 18 stations in the city where we can borrow and return the bikes. The rental station located next to the Town Hall will soon allow bicycle rental to tourists in San Sebastian thanks to temporary passes purchased through credit card payment.


So, don’t think twice and from now on alternate some pleasant walks in the city with a bit of sport based on bike riding. A bit of pleasure, sport and health!

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