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International Holidays in San Sebastian.

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European Capital of World Culture 2016Another beautiful day here in San Sebastian and into the EmyRent holiday apartments I checked in an international group from Britain, Ireland and the States. More and more people are realising how beautiful, cultural and indeed gourmet, San Sebastian is.

The European Capital of World Culture for 2016 has an absolute wealth of historical and cultural sights to see, as well as some of the most beautiful sea views in the North of Spain.

I myself am from Ireland and have gotten to know many people from here, but along the way made friends from Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Latin America, America, Canada, Britain & Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and more.

That’s not to say the place is full of ‘guiris’ (the spanish slang for foreigners)! The locals are both loud and proud, with San Sebastian being one of the larger towns that you will still hear a lot of Basque spoken.

With such prestigious antecedents as Istanbul, Prague and Paris, you can imagine what the title ‘European Capital of World Culture 2016′ means to this lovely town and it’s no wonder that San Sebastian won the honour alongside Wrocław in Poland.

San Sebastian hosts it’s own large Film Festival and Jazz Festival, and we have just finished the Human Rights Festival last week (which I will write about later). As well as all this it has numerous museums, historical buildings and is a part of the coastal ‘Camino de Santiago‘, the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.

For these and many more reasons, San Sebastian was really the perfect choice to represent Europe in 2016, as it’s capital of World Culture. Coming up to summer it may seem that San Sebastian would be all booked up but you don’t have to worry. We still have some availability in many of our lovely rental apartments in San Sebastian. For further details and photos of the apartments, please check out our webpage, facebook, pinterest or youtube here:

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