Feb 13

Donostia-San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and known for its gastronomy, is undoubtedly a city that everyone who passes through the north must visit.

This time, we will  give you some tips about places in the city that you can not miss:

1. Igeldo. It is the place where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the city and it is accessible by using the funicular. At the top there is a small amusement park that has lots of charm.

2. The Wind Comb. It is the most symbolic sculpture of San Sebastian. It was created by the famous Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

3. The Miramar Palace. What is used today for cultural events it was owned by Queen Maria Cristina in the past.

4. Port and Aquarium. The Port of Donostia and the Aquarium, they both really worth a visit. The Aquarium has over 31 aquariums dedicated to the Cantabrian Sea and a tunnel  of 360º, where you can observe the thousands of fish and also the two bull sharks that are in the Aquiarium.

5. Paseo Nuevo. This beautiful promenade in on the top of the aquarium and it is where waves can reach 10 meters when the weather is not very good in San Sebastian. There is a walk of 5 km which is spectacular and we always recommend it. It begins in the Peine del Viento and it ends at the Zurriola surfing beach.

6. Urgull. It is the mountain that has the statue of the Sacred Heart at the top. It is easily accessible and the views from the top are very nice.

7. Kursaal and Zurriola Beach. The Kursaal is the congress and concert hall and where Donostia Film Festival takes place. Zurriola Beach is the surfing beach in town.

8. Good Shepherd Cathedral.

9. Old Town. It is undoubtedly the most special corner of the city and the area where the best restaurants and pintxos bars are.

10. Aiete Palace. It was once the home of Francisco Franco.

Oct 13

Our gastronomy is one of the main reasons why our guests come to our holiday rental apartments in San Sebastian.

Lots of them go to Arzak or Berasategui and most of them have lunch at least once at La Muralla restaurant. Bar Nestor, Akelarre, Rekondo and Kokotxa are places where lots of them go too.But there is something that all our guests do: go for Pintxos.


We are going to suggest you different routes:


1. Cheap + good quality: Bideluze, Haizea, Mejillonera, Baztan,Izkiña. 22€ per person. 

2. Popular ones in Old town: Goiz-Argi, Bodega Donostiarra, San Marcial, Paco Bueno, Txepetxa. 24€ per person.

3. De luxe in the Old town & Gros: Ganbara, La cuchara de San Telmo, Zeruko, Bergara, Mil Catas. 50 € per person.

4. Old town: Gandarias, Gambaa, Tamboril, La Cepa, La Cuchara de San Telmo. 25€ per person.

What’s a Pintxo? it’s a snack we eat  in bars while hanging out friends or family. Usually people think that Pintxos and Tapas are the same, but there is a difference. Pintxos are much more elaborated. Tapas is the snack they give you for free when you order for a drink. With PIntxos it is not like that. We have to pay for each pintxo (snack) we eat and the price goes from 1 € to 3,50€.

For those who do not like going by themselves, we organise a pintxos tour on Friday evenings. We usually meet around 19:00 / 19:30 and the Pintxos Tour lasts more or less a couple of hours. We go to 6 different pintxos bars. All of them are at the old part of the city and we stay around 20 minutes in each bar. We have a drink, we eat a pintxo and we move to the next one. That’s the way we do our “poteo”.

vacation rental apartments

These are some of the pictures we have taken on our pintxos tours.

Join us!!!

Mar 31

holiday rental apartment in san sebastianLast July, I had the pleasure to meet two great families from Manchester: the McAllisters & the Speakmans. Both families were traveling with their sons & daughters and were looking forward to explore and enjoy the best of San Sebastian.They stayed in our Ondarreta and Belle Epoque apartments and they remember their stay with us like something really special.

I can guarantee that they had lots of fun. It was Friday the day they arrived and even though they were tired and got to San Sebastian in the late afternoon, they joined us for the Pintxos Tour. We went to Zeruko, Aralar, La Cepa, Bar Martinez, La Cuchara de San Telmo and A fuego negro and tried all kinds of pintxos ( prawns, cod, ham, scallops…). They also tried our famous white wine: Txakoli. They loved it!!!

During their stay in San Sebastian, the Jazzaldia Music Festival was held and they were lucky to see Elvys Costello & Jamie Cullum’s concerts at the Zurriola beach for free!

rental apartments in san sebastian

Apart from that, we were celebrating Karmengo Jaiak in San Sebastian. This is a festival to honor fishermen and these are some of the activities they organize every year: greasy pole, tortilla (omelette) competition, mass in honor to fishermen, concerts, street party (comida popular), mus (card game) competition… They had never seen this kind of festival before and they had such a great time!!!

The best thing is that they are coming back next July and that they are staying in our holiday rental apartments in San Sebastian again. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again :)

Apartments for rent in San Sebastian

This experience, like the one I had with the Bush family and with Max & Arthur, was amazing. It is always a pleasure meeting people and sharing with them our customs and learning about theirs.

Thank you so much McAllisters & Speakmans ! 


Mar 20

Start the new year with two amazing americans is priceless. Max and Arthur came to San Sebastian to enjoy everything about this beautiful city. They stayed in Belle Epoque, one of our holiday apartments. It is located in the center of San Sebastian in an elegant building next to La Concha, one of the most well-known beaches worldwilde.

This beautiful rental apartment in San Sebastian is located on the third floor of a superb and well taken care of arenisca building, the typical and elegant local stone. The building has of course an elevator. The apartment is next to the old part, where you can find different “pintxos” bars, the port, the beach, a shopping zone with awesome boutiques, the aquarium, the “Kursaal”, the Buen Pastor Cathedral and a lot of different restaurants, pubs, pharmacies, supermarkets, banks.. everything next to you so you don’t need to take public transport or take the car.

Our guests were fascinated with the Basque gastronomy. They enjoyed the delicius tasting menu of La Muralla Restaurant and went “pintxos” eating many times. One of their favorite food was the T-bone steak of the Nestor’s bar.

Apartments for rent in San Sebastian

Before of coming to San Sebastian, they were in Barcelon,a a city that they defined as “quiet” and cosmopolitan.

Taking adavantage of their stay here, they visited Bilbao and other places of the Basque Coast (Getaria, Zarautz..)

An not only that! They could enjoy the great atmosphere  in the old part of San Sebastian and could live a football day between The Real Social and Athletic of Bilbao.

Accomodation in San Sebastian

Hope to see you soon again guys! :)

Oct 23

If your are staying in any of our luxury apartments in San Sebastian,one of the places you can visit nearby is Hondarribia (Fuenterrabia), a town that holds an ancient old quarter with walls and a castle. It is situated next to the French border, facinHendaye (France) . There is a boat  service that makes the trip between the two cities. It takes around 10 minutes to go from one place to the other one and there are boats every half an hour.

These days the Basque Country Pintxos Championship was held with the participation of over 80 chefs , and the “Toast of foie gras and smoked cod with piquillo pepper and soy vinaigrette and Modena ” pintxo from “Gran Sol” (Great Sun) Bar in Hondarribi was the winner . This property has also won the popular bar chef award, which  was for the owner Bixente Muñoz. ” We wanted it to be an explosion of flavors and , with all the nuances that we have introduced , we have sought to continue eating after knowing the tapa , which had long aftertaste ,” said Muñoz .

Second place went to “”The Living Forest” pintxo from Gaztelumendi Bar in Irun and the third position went to the ZokoMoko Bar in San Juan de Luz. Perretxiko from Vitoria received a special mention by the jury .

The championship was held  in the auditorium of Hondarribia and has had as Jury President Paco Torreblanca , head of the International School of Pastry Arts in Petrel (Alicante ) . He congratulated all the cooks at the high level and regretted not been able to deliver more prizes.

Here you have some helpful information about how to go from San Sebastian to Fuenterrabia:

By car: It takes around 25 minutes. You have to follow the signs A8/N1Irun France. Then, you take the AP8 and the exit E5/E70/E80/AP8 Irun / Merkatal Zentrua / Hondarribia / Airport.

By bus: You have to take bus number E23. Here you can get more information http://www.ekialdebus.net/lineas_horarios/bidasoaldea/e23-hondarribia-irun-oeste-donostia/?lang=es



Jul 30

If you are planing to come to San Sebastian and you are staying at our Belle view apartment (or any other one) you should join us for a Pintxos Tour. The best day to go on a Pintxos Tour is Friday evening, and if it’s your first day in our city much more better.

It is always said that the best way to know a place or its traditions, is visiting the place with local people. With the Pintxos Tour we give you the chance to join us, so that you can see how Basque people socialise.

What’s a Pintxo? it’s a snack we eat  in bars while hanging out friends or family. Usually people think that Pintxos and Tapas are the same, but there is a difference. Pintxos are much more elaborated. Tapas is the snack they give you for free when you order for a drink. With PIntxos it is not like that. We have to pay for each pintxo (snack) we eat and the price goes from 1 € to 3,50€.

We usually meet around 19:00 / 19:30 and the Pintxos Tour lasts more or less a couple of hours. We go to 6 different pintxos bars. All of them are at the old part of the city and we stay around 20 minutes in each bar. We have a drink, we eat a pintxo and we move to the next one. That’s the way we do our “poteo”.


Here you have a brief and really helpful dictionary to survive on the Pintxos Tour day:

CAÑA: pint

ZURITO: half pint

TXAKOLI: traditional basque white wine.

VERDEJO: white wine

CRIANZA: red wine

ROSADO: rosé

KALIMOTXO: red wine with coke.

MOSTO: grape juice

SIDRA or SAGARDOA in Basque: cider

VERMOUTH: red or white Martini

MARIANITO : half vermouth.

Some of the bars we always reccomend for Pintxos are: A fuego negro, La Cuchara de San Telmo & Zeruko. But there are a lot of bars full of pintxos, sucha as: Aralar, Martinez, La Cepa…


Jul 01

George Junca has been one of our guests in our San Martin apartment in San Sebastian  and he has sent us a post telling us about his experience in our wonderful city.

” I inherited my love of food from both my parents, and having grown up with Spanish food, every trip back there is cherished. And even more so when the trip involves San Sebastian, which is like and amusement park for foodies!! It is not just having some of the top restaurants in the world, current #4 Mugaritz and #8 Arzak, or the fact that there are more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere in the world, but that you can walk into almost any pintxo (what tapas are called there) bar and have not only great food but something probably completely different from what you would find elsewhere.

We stayed in a condo very close to La Concha beach and within walking distance to the “old part” where most of the pintxos bars are located.

One of our favorites was Bar Zeruko on calle Pescaderia 10. The bar is full of pintxos, all of them very innovative and delicious; you pick a plate and start putting the ones you want on it and give them back to the bartender who warms up the ones that need it. There are also a few that you order off the blackboard, such as La Hoguera, a codfish (bacalao) that comes in its own small smoking grill. The chef from Zeruko, Joxean Calvo, was so nice that when he saw my 8 year old asked if he could make something more kid friendly for him. Fortunately my son is not picky so I politely declined but thought was a nice touch, in particular with a packed place and kitchen going full steam!

Keep in mind that most of these pintxos, including the ones above with generous portions of foie, go on average for only 3-4€, a deal!!

Another place high on the recommendation list was La Cuchara de San Telmo on calle 31 de Agosto. The place is tiny but has great outdoor seating if you can snag it, you order inside and they bring it out. Highly recommended here is the Braised Veal Cheeks (carrillera de ternera), the foie, the risotto and codfish. The staff was super friendly and recommended several items on the menu that they favored.

We also enjoyed A Fuego Negro located too on calle 31 de Agosto. The winner here was the Merendola de Foie, a brulee of foie that comes in a can, inside a picnic wrap, together with a pumpkin and vanilla mermelade, and a nuts and fruits bread, delicious.

Another winner that didn’t look like much from the outside was Bar Alex, we had so many good pintxos there, including the mushroom risotto with parmesan, foie with orange (I had foie at least once a day, usually three or four!), and three cheese tosta.
Also had some good pintxos at Bide Bide, like the simple but awesome chistorra with eggs and potatoes, and angulas!

Even the little café/bar steps away from our condo (Bar Ostarte) had some great breakfast pintxos!!”



Jun 18

Vacation Rental Apartments in San SebastianWe have now reached the end of the Keler Pintxo Week special, which offered 4 pintxos and two bottles of Keler Beer for €10. This has served s a great introduction for many of our valued guests at our Holiday Rental Apartments in San Sebastian and even taught me a few things about what to eat and where to go.

Some are unaware of pintxos before their arrival in San Sebastian and more still assume that they are just tapas, but allow me to give you a brief introduction into the Basque gastronomic art of creating miniature masterpieces on a global scale.

San Sebastian boasts both some of the best cooks in the world and thus the best pintxos in the Basque Country so coming when coming here, visitors really must try these local delicacies. Pintxos can be anything from a slice of spanish tortilla on a piece of bread to seared foie and prices range from €1.50 to €5, meaning that they can serve as your dinner or simply a snack.

The local way of eating them is to meander through the pintxo bar streets and eat only one pintxo in each bar to not deny yourself the opportunity to experience other pintxos, other bars and different atmospheres. This can be hard for visitors as the bar tops are laden with delicious looking pintxos and many tourists order various pintxos in the one bar.

The tradition of laying out the cold pintxos is a way of inticing customers form the street who see the quality and variety through the windows. Hot pintxos are offered on menus (usually written up in chalk behind the bar) and can be ordered from the bar-tenders, with some bars having menus in english as well as spanish and Basque.
Holiday Apartments in San Sebastian
In the coming weeks I will further explain how pintxos are made, how they are ordered, what they consist of and should be accompanied by as well as some of the best places to eat them.

To experience pintxos for yourself, check out our Vacation Rental Apartments in San Sebastian and plan your trip accordingly. For more information see our website at www.emyrent.com.

Apr 26

As mentioned at the last post,  we have designed a pintxo tour for those who stay at our apartments for rent in San Sebastian.

The tour begins at Pescadería Street, therefore you would need to move from the holiday rental apartments to this point, the beginning point of our pintxo tour:

  1. Txepetxa Bar: extremely known for its anchovies served in different versions and through which it has won numerous competitions. We recommend you to taste the anchovy with crab cream and the sea urchin.
  2. Tamboril Bar: getting out of the Txepetxa Bar you’ll see this bar. get in and taste the ham croquettes and the mushroom pintxo! they are delicious!
  3. Ganbara Bar: Ganbara is located on San Jeronimo Street, and offers a great variety of pintxos such as the vegetable skewer, mini croissants stuffed with ham and even portions of grilled mushrooms.
  4. La Cuchara de San Telmo Bar: here the pintxos are very elaborate, order the foie gras with apple sauce, the beef cheek in red wine or the roasted duck breast with apple, You’ll enjoy it for sure!

We hope you enjoy your stay at our vacational flats for rent in San Sebastian. Book now through our website (click the first link of the post).

Apr 21

The main purpose of this post is to inform you about the long “Pintxo tradition” in San Sebastian. Therefore, if you come to San Sebastian and you stay at our short-term apartments for rent we recommend you to explore this beautiful gastronomy culture.

San Sebastian is certainly one of the best cities to experience the world of the pintxos. That’s why we recommend you to make a small tour while eating the best pintxos of the area. The best bars for this purpose are located just behind the Boulevard.  To get there from our rental apartments you could take either a  taxi or a bus, or you culd also go by car in case you bring yours, because there are two public car parks nearby: the Boulevard and the Okendo.

Inthe next post we give you an example of pintxo tour, especially designed for those who rent an apartment in San Sebastian and really want to get familiar with this wealthy culture.

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